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Thursday, April 21, 2011

RIo movie review

now Rio has been out for quite some time now but I just gat around to see it and I have to say it is a great movie.  The animations are excellent and I also related to the main character Blu but that is another post.  Now about the plot itself i thought that it was good about a bird who is taken out of his comfort zone and thrown into a strange new environment in this case it is the city of Rio during Carnival.  the reason that Blu is going to Rio is because that he is the last Male of his species and you guessed it there is only one female left who is Jewel.  O yea did i forget to mention that his owner named Linda has had him for 15 years and they have a very strong emotional bond.  so anyway blu gets to the conservation place where he first meets Jewel who is desperate to escape back into the wild.  when Linda and  Túlio  (the scientist in charge) leave a boy breaks into the environment and steals the birds.  have i mentioned yet that blu cant fly? no well yea he cant fly.  the boy brings them to a bird smugglers hideout where we are introduced to Nigel a once famous show bird now turned bitter and enjoys tormenting other captured birds.  when we learn of the smugglers intentions jewel trys to escape but blu being a nerd uses the numinous physics he has read in books to try to escape.  but jewels ways works and thats when she fins out that blu cannot fly and naturally jewel is mad.and then the rest of the movie is a basic at the begining of the movie the main character cant do something but then meets a girl and then they fight make uo and then fight again and then when they are in a dire situation the main character can all of a sudden they can do that thing that they couldn't do at beginning of the movie.  and then the jewel kisses blu and then magically blu can fly and then they live happily ever after  My final verdict is 9.5 out of 10 just because of how many times i have seen this plot but otherwise it is a great movie and i recommend that you go out and see it soon.

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  1. The blogs great.... Loved how you related yourself to Blu! I give this review a 10 out of 10!!!!! Good Work!