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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My top ten favorite video games

So today i will be doing my top 10 favorie video games. So let's get started. #10) Lego Star wars episodes 1-3 about 5 years ago I got a gamecube and then Lego star wars 1-3 this was what made me a gamer. #9) Super Smash brothers brawl. An instant classic it is one of the few good games that I own for the Wii. #8). Star wars battlefront 2. This also was a big step into becoming the gamer i am today. #7). Roller Tycoons 2-3. As a kid inwould play these games for hours on end and I still do. #6). Kingdom hearts 2. When I went over my heights house to play it I became addicted to it right now I think I have about 56 hours logged on. #5). Portal 1. I thought that this great was amazing not only because I got it for free from Steam but it also had the best line ever "the cake is a lie". And i still use that line to this day. #4).StarCraft 2 I have just got this game but Blizzard did a great job with keeping me up to speed on what happened in the earlier games and had a very nice campain  #3.) Halo Reach,  I loved Halo for years and well, its halo so I like it.  #2.) Angry Birds Rio.  I like angry birds and i like Rio so it's a perfect combo for a game.  #1.) Minecraft.  I have only played a couple of hours of this game (I don't own it) (along with Reach) but it is the ultimate in creative games