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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update #2 Back to school

Well what would you know i am now listening to another livestreem of a podcast this one is the Shaft podcast.  but anyway this week i did nothing really played starcraft, watched Rio nothing much.  But I head back to school tomorrow and well thats it thanks for visiting the blog i will ge something up soon! Bye

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

update #1 I am still alive!! 8/23/2011

Well its my first update and well i'll post as often as i can (or want) but right now at 11:40 i am listening to the inside the magic D23 wrap up podcast.  but sense my last post my friend and I have started our own movie review youtube channel called T slash M Productions we have published our first review which was Rio  (i know i have became a fanboy) and i have neglected to edit our second review of the new planet of the apes review i will get to it soon.  other than that i will post something along the lines of a review eventually. 
have a nice week