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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Social Network movie review

Nothing is more threatening than telling your ex girlfriend that you will blog wicked bad about her right?  well in this courtroom drama depicting the lawsuits that Mark Zuckerburg went through in 2006 (I think).  This movie does a great job telling the story of all of the major events in Facebook history.  I thought that the movie never really got boring at all it held my interest for the entire 2 hours.  I thought that the director David Fincher paid all of the respects deserved in a very un biased way.  But even i know that Sean Parker is important to the development of Facebook but i wanted to see more of Zuckerburg than Sean.  I didnt rally like the way that Justin Timberlake played Parker.   I give this movie a 9/10 only loosing a point for the presentation of Sean Parkers' character.

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